Swiss-born artist Palmi Marzaroli lives and works in Leysin. Marzaroli’s work is the result of his fascination with Expressionist painters, his interest in Schopenhauer’s philosophy, and his life experiences. Having developed an interest in art at a young age, he experimented with different media and materials before finding his favourite one, ink on paper. He applies ink in spontaneous brush strokes, as a singular expressive act, following the movement of his body. The result is a smoky atmosphere and a special blurred effect that achieves a great variety of tones. The power of this artist lies in the ways in which he cuts out everything superfluous to reveal the essential.

Switzerland, his native country, with its mountains, glaciers, and lakes, is an endless source of inspiration for his landscapes. Marzaroli’s paintings invoke mystery and foreboding silence, he catches the essence of the landscape, its ephemeral atmospheres, as well as his own meditative thoughts and personal memories.

He takes inspiration from the changeable weather in the mountains, capturing either the violent movements or the calm before the storm through bold brushstrokes. Marzaroli’s landscapes depict an atmosphere instead of an idealistic or an exact copy of the subject. Another great source of inspiration for Marzaroli is his undiminished interest in human persona. His fascination with mentally ill person led him to show empathy for what society calls “illness”. Part of his works alsoevokes loneliness through depiction of isolated or elderly people. In his paintings there is deep respect and human sympathy. Escaping from stereotypes and prejudices, he captures their inner beauty and tries to reveal their preoccupations.


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