Palmi Marzaroli was born in Switzerland and currently resides and works in Leysin.

His work is influenced by his fascination with expressionist paintings, his interest in Schopenhauer’s philosophy, and his various life experiences. At a young age, he developed an interest in art and experimented with various media and materials before discovering ink. The way he applies ink is spontaneous and expressive, following the movement of his body. This makes his gesture unique. The resultant atmosphere is unusual, like a fog, with a great variety of tones. He emphasizes the essential by removing the unnecessary.


His creations are inspired by the landscapes of Switzerland that surround him. Because of this, his work often features mountain views, glaciers, and lakes. With their sometimes eerie silence, his mysterious paintings reveal the artist’s thoughts and memories. Furthermore, he is capable of capturing the essence of a landscape and the ephemeral atmospheres of nature, oscillating between calm and stormy. The landscapes of Macaroni emphasize an atmosphere rather than an exact or idealized copy of the subject.

The artist’s profound interest in human nature is another source of inspiration. He is particularly sensitive to loneliness and difference in the world around him. His works reflect his interest in illness and psychology, and confront us with a reality that can be disturbing to us. He tries to show the inner beauty of these people, in contrast to stereotypes and prejudices, and to reveal what is troubling them. 


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